August 19th 2005 (Friday) 10:30ish P.M.

Ok, so here's the deal for anyone who cares other than myself.

It's been over two years since i last updated. I've forgotten HTML or anything else web related I once knew. So yeah.
The friendly incompetent folks at fateback replied to my four or five emails regarding ftp problems after about two years.
Somewhere in between all of this, I discovered they removed their 'no banner policy' and slapped on some butt ugly atrocity at the top of my website.
I accidentally deleted my old oekaki bbs but replaced it with a weirder and harder to use bbs. It's dead anyway. My site remains in utter disarray.
I'm buckling down and learning how to use dreamweaver because I'm way to fucking lazy to sit and read all the pages of lissa-explains-it-all.
I've been saying this for years -> i'm going to learn flash!

Oh yeah, i'm supposed to be a design student. haha. what a joke. ♥

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